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Lori rickard(non-registered)
Looking for pictures of my daughter
I can see that you are having a lot of fun with what you are doing. This is always going to change the way you think and the output that results with all this would be something greater than what you have now.

Donna Colby(non-registered)
Metro - I love your work. Living in California, I am a fan of California Chrome. I had the honor of meeting him recently (he bit me). I was so inspired by your work, I purchased the California Chrome painting that you and Ron created. I have plans to hang it proudly in my home in San Francisco, CA. Thank you for your contribution to the art world and hopefully through your sales you will continue to receive the care you need and help other fellow ex-racers in need.
rob rowe
i havent told you lately but i want you to know that the photos you take are very dear to my heart. most make me smile, some make me laugh and i have even teared up at a few. so i want to thank you for what you do not only for me, and the band , but also for all he pthers who you bing joy through a lens too! Love ya
Love your pictures!!
April Dunbar(non-registered)
Your pictures are amazing!
Sherri Greer(non-registered)
Heidi, your pictures are amazing, it's very obvious you take pride in your work and I think your an amazing photographer!!!
What an awesome horse you have. I commend you for all you have done to help Metro and his fellow racing buddies. The world needs more of you.
Kim Hayden(non-registered)
Looks awesome Heidi. Very nice, and the pictures are wonderful.
Very Nice Website. Excellent Photography!
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